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“[..] International partners for worldwide business and efficiency in lead time [...] Smart solutions, quality standards and excellent results.”


Operating since 1982, IFC Ltd is a second-generation family business, established by Shay Sirton, a pioneer in manufacturing and installation of false ceilings, active in Israel industry since 1968. Today, IFC is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality steel and aluminium decorative ceilings for the architectural and construction industries. After decades of hands-on experience, IFC is today a specialized company in high performance systems for acoustic ceilings, interior and exterior coverings. Offering the widest range of decorative designs and features available today, IFC serves a broad clientele in Israel and worldwide that includes governments, industry, hotels, schools, hospitals, distribution network and more.   

Our roots are based in practical engineering skills and experience:  IFC was one of the first companies in Israel manufacturing and providing systems for complex architectural and decorative challenges. IFC tradition is based on developing special technical solutions to satisfy the project requirements and overcome the most daring construction limits. The professional IFC team comes from the world of engineering, with decades of experience in project management and execution. From raw materials to finished product, from design to installation and maintenance, IFC operates with excellence based on skilled expertise to make executive the most ambitious projects.  

International partners for a worldwide business and efficiency in lead time: IFC headquarters is located in the Israeli port city of Ashdod where a 6.700,00 m2 production factory is operational and serves also as a storage location for the “Italian selection products”, a complete range of architectural systems conceived and manufactured in Northern Italy by a specialized company in metalworking which has transformed the craftsmanship in a skilled industrial process. In this field IFC’s Italian partner is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturer of steel and aluminium metal ceilings, with a daily output of thousands meters of any type of systems. Furthermore to fully satisfy all customer needs, in addition to ceilings and coverings supply, IFC imports also mineral fiber, soft panels, plasterboard partition systems, pillars and furniture.     

From A to Z to offer fully-featured technical solutions: the IFC product range includes all ceilings and covering systems made with panels, baffles, staves, open cells and special modular elements in a wide range of colours, patterns, surface treatments, finishing, perforations and metal meshes. All systems are supplied with all of the components such as bearing structures, hangers, wall angles, lighting fittings, air flow panels, sprinklers and any other accessory for a fully-featured supply.  

Smart solutions, quality standards and excellent results: our services start from a direct contact with architects and designer to understand design vision, and identify all projects requirements; then we prepare sketches, design plans, technical specifications, product quantities, delivery schedules and training for building contractors in installing our products according to specific laying instructions. Moreover to offer the highest standard in durability, sound absorption and noise reduction, metal ceilings and wall coverings are made with the finest-quality aluminium, steel and acoustic pads sourced from Europe, in compliance both with the local and the international protocols.  

More than a fusion of technical excellence and creativity:  at IFC, we study each project as a unique professional challenge. Thanks to a smart fusion of know-how and creative imagination we work with architects and designer to conceive creative and original systems, to deliver high quality durable products, easy to assemble and install. So starting from a fist lay-out we work step by step to realize the architect’s vision without compromising performance quality and functional requirements.    

Let’s start working with IFC and make executive the most challenging projects!