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Integrated ceiling lighting

“Essential Design […] in this context the straight outlines of ceilings and counter wall stand out on the sinuous architecture of the building.”

Integrated lighting

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Modular panels
Metal staves
Metal baffles
Special Shapes

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The integrated lighting represents an important plus to enhance the overall ceiling design. 

IFC can supply integrated lighting elements properly conceived to be perfectly fitted in all kind of suspended ceilings both with visible and hidden structure such as modular panels, open cell, metal mesh, metal staves, baffles and special shaped panels. IFC range includes recessed and suspended lighting, grooves, frames, spots, and custom made perforated luminous panels.

All lighting are equipped with last led technologies and high performance optics suitable for each kind of environments such as office, hall, lounges, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and  airports. On request IFC can supply a light studio to set properly the lighting performance according to the project requirement. 

Require a IFC lighting consultant for your ceiling and covering project!