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Enigma is one of the the widest used model to realize metal ceilings with clip-in panels. To be installed with hidden triangle profiles, this systems offer a wide range of configuration in panels size, color, finishing and materials. One of the best choice to realize the most amazing ceilings with standard panels.

Enigma clip-in concealed ceiling panels are properly conceived to realize metal modular ceilings with hidden structure. Made in steel or aluminium with right or bevelled edges, Enigma panels are always available in white and silver colour.  

Metal panels are available in different sizes such us 600×600 | 600×1200 | 625×625 mm 300×300 | 300×1200 | 300×1500 | 400×1000 | 400×1200 | 400×1500 mm and other dimensions are available on request. 

A system, easy to install  widely uses also to make metalmodular ceilings with amazing surfaces, such as rippled steel, wood finishing, natural stones and images. Through digital printing and sublimation process, images can be actually reproduced on the metal surface making the skin of  the metal ceilingsdistinctive and special. 

This clip-in ceiling system is widely use also for sound controls, panels can be perforated and coupled with different acoustic pad to reach the required performance, improving reverberation time and intelligibility of speech. For this purpose metal panels can be perforated with seventeen standard perforation pattern and coupled with black acoustic fleece, mineral soft padding or rockwool insulations.  

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the use of the patented winger hooks to cross triangle profiles and "C" beams at the right distance.
For installation in seismic area the structure can be reinforced with proper anti-seismic kit, numbers, types and positions are indicated in specific report to be required at offer stage.
Anti-seismi kit, must be set according to project requirements, place of installations, ceiling features, plenum high and other specific aspects.

Enigma clip-in concealed ceiling is a standard metal ceiling with hidden structure properly conceived to realize high performance clip-in panel ceilings.

Clip-in metal panels | syde by syde 
Right Edge | Bevelled edges
 600×600 | 600×1200 mm
other dimensions on request.

Aluminium 5-6-7/10 | Steel 5-6/10

Concealed TDW.  

Antiseismic kit for standard plenum < 1,2 m
Antiseismic kit for high plenum > 1,2 m

White – silver pre-painted aluminum
White – silver pre-painted steel
RAL/NCS Coating
Wood finishing | Water effect
Sublimation and digital printing
Plain or perforated surface.

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