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CUBE is the Multi Level 3D system designed to create 
modular ceilings with an unusual three-dimensional effect. 
Installed on a visible Fox T24 structure, cubes are available in eight different sizes and can be custom made in colours, finishing and perforations.

Endless configurations can be created by mixing cubes of different sizes, heights and colours. Special volumetric effects are also enhanced by the use of different surfaces.

Tiles can be completely smooth or perforated with different hole patterns such as squares, round or according precise drawings for laser cutting.
In addition, the modular ceiling can be equipped with planimetric lighting systems and air flow panels for efficient air circulation and well-lit spaces.

Multilevel 3D Cube is made up of panels 600x600mm size with different heights: 100/150/200/250/300 made in 7/10-8/10 steel and 8/10 aluminium.
This modular ceiling with three-dimensional effect is available with
Fox T24 and Anti-seismic T24 structures, so it is very easy to install
 by simply lay the tiles in the tee-grid.
Therefore panels can be removed one by one
for a quick access to plenum for plant inspection.

In seismic area the structure can be reinforced with proper anti-seismic kits and suitable hangers.  Specifically regarding the hangers, according to needs and projects’ requests, Twister, Nonius, standard hanger with spring and 90° hangers can be used.

Custom-shaped ceilings built with Multilevel 3D Cube are generally white or silver and on request RAL/NCS post painted gloss or matt.
Moreover, for a special effect, sublimation and digital printing of any effect or images is the right choice to make the modular ceiling stunning and unique.

By combining different finishing and techniques, these custom-shaped ceilings can be transformed into a work of art. Multilevel 3D Cube not only offers a visually striking three-dimensional effect, but also provides practical features for optimal functionality.

Lay-in panels | Right edge
Module 600×600
h100 | h150 | h200 | h250 mm
h300 | h400 | h500 | h600 mm

Steel 7-8/10 
Aluminum 8/10


With Anti-seismic structure
Antiseismic kit for standard plenum < 1,2 m
Antiseismic kit for high plenum > 1,2 m

White – silver pre-painted aluminum
White – silver pre-painted steel
RAL/NCS Coating
Wood finishing | Water effect
Sublimation and digital printing
Plain or perforated surface.

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