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SILK DRAPE has been conceived to realize a curved corrugated metal ceiling in corridors, hallways and narrow areas.
To show all the beauty and majesty of the draped metal surface, the ceiling has been designed as an hook-on system with concealed structure.

The system, in fact, is made up of wavy metal modules in 7/10 - 8/0 steel properly reinforced with wavy ribs on then back and folded sides to be hooked on "Z" profiles.
Panels size will be developed according to project requirement considering 1500 mm as maximum length and 1600 mm as maximum width.

As the “Z” System WS the hidden structure is made up of “Z” profiles crossing the holed “U” ones, trough proper locking brackets and safety springs. Special clips for threaded bars are used to hang the “U” profiles. Panels can therefore can be quickly dismantled for plenum access and plants maintenance operation. For installation in seismic areas, the structure can be even reinforced with proper anti-seismic kits whose numbers, types and positions are indicated in the anti – seismic report to be issued and released on request.

The modules of this curved corrugated metal ceiling will be installed as floating islands with a visible gap among each other. A gap this one which can be closed with special custom made finishing profiles, with tailor made air flow panels or with nice architectural lighting, suitable to follow the ceiling design. At perimeter the system can be closed with plasterboard veils or special metal frames properly craft to perfectly integrate the curved metal ceiling in the construction.   The panels surface can be smooth or totally perforated.

The system is generally coated with RAL and NCS colors, but for the most appealing result, the metal surface both perforated and smooth can be sublimated with images and natural material aspects such as stones, marbles and wood essences. 

To improve the acoustic performance a black acoustic fleece can be thermo applied to the perforated surface, working as sound absorber.   Among the corrugated metal ceilings WAVY METAL | SILK DRAPE stands out for its lively pop style, which drapes the ceiling with light and refined metal waves having all gracefulness of silk.

Hook on wavy metal modules
other dimensions on request
Max. length: 1500 mm
Max. width: 1600 mm

Steel 7-8/10

Hidden structure with “Z” system profiles

Antiseismic kit for standard plenum < 1,2 m
Antiseismic kit for high plenum > 1,2 m

White – Silver pre-painted steel
RA/NCS coating
Sublimation and digital printing
Plain or perforated surface
Surface with continuous perforation
Black acoustic tissue on perforated
pre-painted material on request.

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