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Among custom shaped ceilings “Z” System WS (Wide Spaces) is one of the most appreciated system to install large panels with hidden structure, suitable for offices, commercial centres, railway stations, airports and all huge spaces.

Properly conceived to realize metal ceilings to great spaces, “Z” System WS is made up of metal tiles of different lengths and widths to be hooked on “Z” profiles crossing the “U” ones, trough proper locking brackets. Special clips for threaded bars are used to hang the “U” profiles. More over panels can be quickly dismantled for plenum access and plants maintenance operation. For installation in seismic areas, the structure the can be reinforced with proper anti-seismic kits.

Hook-on panels with a folded edge can be mounted side-by-side or with a 4 mm gap on two or four sides.  The final effect will stands out for an uniform ceiling or for the modular aesthetic. Widely used for their well-known installation system, these custom shaped ceilings mask the plants, enrich the overall design and improve the room acoustic comfort when coupled with sound control pads. Tiles, in 5/10 - 6/10 – 7/10 steel or 7/10 – 8/10 aluminium, can be plain, perforated or mesh made. It is also possible to customize panels with colors and decorations. Standard colors are white or silver, but it is possible to have RAL or NCS coatings on request. Particular effects can be realized both with special materials such as mirror finishing metal ripples which reproduce the water effect, and with the decorative metal working not least molding, sublimation and digital printing of images and natural material aspects among others stones, marble and wood essences.

“Z” System WS metal panels with perforated surface and acoustic pad in the back are widely used for sound control, to improve reverberation time and intelligibility of speech. For this purpose, modules can be perforated both with custom laser cutting and seventeen standard perforation patterns. Different acoustic materials such as black acoustic fleece, mineral soft padding or rock wool insulation are selected according to the required sound absorption index. Among the perforation techniques Dot-art is the nicest one.
A special software reproduces any image into hole of different diameters which are therefore split in the respective ceiling panels.

Last but not least, “Z” System WS custom shaped ceilings are generally integrated with accessories such as air flow panels, lighting and perimeter veils,
to make the ceiling design care in every detail.

Hook on metal panels 
Syde by syde | 4mm gap 2/4 side
Right edge | ​Custom-made size

Aluminium | Steel | Metal Mesh

"Z" System profiles and holed "U" ones 
with special connection bracket

Antiseismic kit for standard plenum < 1,2 m
Antiseismic kit for high plenum > 1,2 m

White – silver pre-painted aluminum
White – silver pre-painted steel
RAL/NCS Coating
Wood finishing | Water effect
Sublimation and digital printing
Plain or perforated surface.

Product ​Specifcations

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