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The AC ceiling with no open gap is a metal ceiling system made up of rounded shape staves installed with carriers. This metal ceiling stands out both for the rounded edges of staves and the closed gap of 15-17 mm.

The AC metal ceiling system is easy to install on the main carrier.
The AC series staves do not leave any gap between them, creating a linear effect on the entire surface. For this reason, this system is very popular in schools, airports, offices, commercial centres where it is necessary to create a linear ceiling that can brighten the entire area. In addition to its seamless appearance, the AC metal ceiling system, with perforated staves and acoustic pads, also offers excellent acoustic performance, effectively reducing noise levels in busy environments.
Furthermore, the system is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term use in high-traffic areas.

This clip-in system consists of staves in three different lenght 85-135-185 mm that can be used with a TA or TD carrier. The final effect will be similar because with the TA carrier, used for AC 100 and AC 200, there is a gap of 15 mm, whereas with the AC 150 and TD carrier the gap is 17 mm. Metal ceiling system AC is very easy to install and hangers are standard with double spring and perimeter profiles “L”, “Double L” and “C”. The surface of the staves can also be customised to provide an image or effect that makes the ceiling unique and creative due to their coplanar and linear appearance. The staves are available in normal white or silver colours, as well as post-painted RAL colours.
Image sublimation is another excellent choice, as is perforation with parallel, diagonal, circular, or square holes, or specialised fabric effects that fill the panels without making a big visual impact. Furthermore, AC-series staves create a continuous effect on the ceiling, allowing lighting components and solutions to be added to enhance it. 
The structure can be strengthened with the appropriate anti-seismic kit for installation in a seismic location.  A specific report defines the numbers, types, and positions that are needed at the offer stage. The anti-seismic kit needs to be adjusted based on the project specifications, installation location, ceiling characteristics, plenum height, and other particular factors.

The AC metal ceiling with no open gap: 
the right choice for a linear design softened by rounded shapes.

AC100 | AC150 | AC200
Clip-in staves | Rounded shape
Closed gap

Steel | Aluminium

TA - TD carrier 

Antiseismic kit for standard plenum < 1,2 m
Antiseismic kit for high plenum > 1,2 m

White – silver pre-painted aluminum
White – silver pre-painted steel
RAL/NCS Coating | Wood finishing
Sublimation of any image and effect
Plain or perforated surface.

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