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METAL BOX self-supporting corridor ceiling is a compact system made up of 300x40 mm boxed shaped staves, 
to be installed with “L” 20x25x3600mm wall angles.

METAL BOX is one of the most widely used model to realise linear metal ceilings in corridor up to 3000mm. Both staves and wall angles are supplied in 7/10 aluminium. It is a light system easy to install and quickly to remove for plenum inspections.

Staves in fact can be simply lifted and rested on the ground. METAL BOX self-supporting corridor ceiling staves are always available in white and silver colours,  but on request panels can be coated in RAL/NCS paints. More over to enhance the overall ceiling design the metal surface ca be sublimated or digital printed with amazing images an effects such as wood finishing, natural stones and marble. Care in every detail, lightings, air flow panels and accessories such sprinklers or sound diffusers can be integrated in the ceiling design.

METAL BOX self-supporting corridor ceiling is widely used also for sound controls. Staves can be perforated and coupled with different acoustic pads to achieve the required performance, improving reverberation time and intelligibility of speech. For this purpose, metal surfaces can be perforated with seventeen standard perforation patterns and coupled with black acoustic fleece, mineral soft padding or rockwool insulation.

The Dot-Art technique is worthy of mention among perforation patterns.
With this technology, every image can be reproduced in small dots split in half by panels, making the skin of the metal ceilings distinctive and special.

METAL BOX self-supporting corridor ceiling is the right choice to realize compact and distinctive ceiling in small area and corridors up to 3.000mm

Metal Box 300x40 mm
Self bearing staves up to 2,5 m

Steel | Aluminium


White – silver pre-painted aluminum
White – silver pre-painted steel
RAL/NCS Coating | Wood finishing
Sublimation of any image and effect
Plain or perforated surface.

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