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S MULTILINE ceiling panels varying widthsis an extremely versatile system widely used to create a configuration of stave having four different bases 
S30 | S80 | S130 | S180 and the same height. 

S80 | S130 | S180 MULTILINE ceiling panels can be also combined with a special technical shutter, which close the 20mm open gap between staves, creating a particular aesthetic game of colours and shadows. S MULTILINE ceiling panels varying widthsare assembled in TS or TE carriers. The TE carrier is perfect when the ceiling design requires a 20mm gap between the staves or when  it is require a closing shutter, which is lower than the staves, and creates movement in the overall appearance of the ceiling. TS carrier, instead, has a pitch of 50 mm, is equipped with a locking system to ensure staves onto the carrier, but no shutter can be used to cover the gap. S MULTILINE ceiling panels varying widthsare made of 4/10-5/10-6/10 aluminium or 5/10 steel. The system is completed by hangers with double springs, joints for staves and carriers, and perimeter profiles “L”, “Double L”, “C”.

For specific design requirements, the incidence of carriers and hangers may vary. Moreover, equally the fastening must be checked with regard to the loads, the anchoring base features and the installation accuracy, in order not to compromise the stability of the aluminium staves ceiling system. S MULTILINE metal ceiling is a system safe, too. In fact, it is possible to add an anti-seismic kit that will be fixed directly to the carriers. S MULTILINE staves are available in white or silver color, but to personalise the ceiling and make it unique and original, it is possible to opt for RAL colours. 

Another customisation available concerns the surface of the staves. In fact, it is possible to select between a smooth or perforated surface, choosing among different types of perforation such as parallel and square perforation or tissue-effect mood. S MULTILINE ceiling panels varying widths are widely used also for sound controls. Panels can be perforated and coupled with different acoustic pads to achieve the required performance, improving reverberation time and intelligibility of speech. For this purpose, metal panels can be perforated with seventeen standard perforation patterns and coupled with black acoustic fleece, mineral soft padding or rockwool insulation. 

S MULTILINE ceiling panels varying widths enhance 
the overall design of a linear acoustic ceiling system. 

S30  h14 | S80 h14 | S130 h14 | S180 h14
Clip-in staves | Open gap or with shutter
Boxed shape with right edge

Steel | Aluminium

TS carrier with locking system 

Antiseismic kit for standard plenum < 1,2 m
Antiseismic kit for high plenum > 1,2 m

White – silver pre-painted aluminum
White – silver pre-painted steel
RAL/NCS Coating | Wood finishing
Sublimation of any image and effect
Plain or perforated surface.

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