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T Serie linear closed ceiling system is made up of side by side staves, which stand out for a compact and uniform design.

In T Serie linear closed ceiling system staves are placed side by side and give the ceiling particular stability. The suspended ceiling becomes so essential but harmonious in its form. T Serie linear closed ceiling system is a perfect solution to realize linear and elegant structures in large spaces such as offices, shopping centres, hotels, airports, railway stations. Due to their coplanar and linear look, the surface of the staves can also be customised to reproduce image or effects that makes the ceiling unique and creative. The staves are available in post-painted RAL colours in addition to the normal choices of silver or white. Perforation with parallel, diagonal, circular, or square holes, or specialised fabric pattern that fill the panels without producing a strong visual effect, are also and excellent option. Furthermore, T Serie linear closed ceiling system staves give the ceiling a continuous effect, allowing lighting elements and solutions to be added to enrich it. 

These lighting elements can be strategically placed to highlight certain areas or create a specific ambiance. Additionally, linear ceiling systemis conceived to seamlessly integrate with other ceiling components, such as air vents or sprinkler systems, ensuring a cohesive and functional design. Linear ceiling system includes staves in three different dimensions: 150/200/300 made in aluminium or steel. Serie T staves use TC steel carriers with standard double spring hangers. This method is extremely adaptable and may be tailored to any project or need. It is possible to request the T 200 staves with a special head rib to reinforce the heads. These staves with special head rib provide additional strength and stability to the ceiling system. This is particularly useful in high-traffic areas or environments where extra durability is required. Additionally, the linear ceiling system with Serie T staves offers a wide range of finishing and colors, allowing for customization and integration with any design concept. All false-ceiling-staves can be reinforced with an anti-seismic kit, which is designed to provide false ceiling stability in all seismic zones. This ensures the safety and durability of the false ceiling even in high-risk earthquake areas.

T Serie linear closed ceiling system especially with custom made effects such as wood finishing with perforated surface and sound absorption pad is a nice option to create a compact acoustic ceiling with a soft look design.

T150 | T200 | T300
Clip-in staves | right edge shape
Side by side
Reinforced head on request for T200 model
Special reinforcement ribs for T300 model

Steel | Aluminium

TC carrier 

Antiseismic kit for standard plenum < 1,2 m
Antiseismic kit for high plenum > 1,2 m

White – silver pre-painted aluminum
White – silver pre-painted steel
RAL/NCS Coating
Wood finishing
Sublimation of any image and effect
Plain or perforated surface.

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