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MULTICHANNEL is an extruded aluminium profile 
properly conceived to integrate metal ceiling panels with partitions and or glass walls into a unique technical and aesthetic solution.

Conceived to meet the needs of different projects, it is a minimalist beam that allows the installation of lighting, partitions, glass walls, curtains, video screens, air flow ducts and electrical conduits, which can be concealed by a special finishing cover in the same color of the metal ceiling.

To accommodate glazed partitions, technical blinds and video screens, the system can be fitted with a special shaped profile that makes the accessories disappear inside the beam. This special channel can also be fitted with a suitable poly carbonate cover to provide the correct light diffusion. This partition wall system is a complete multi functional and versatile structure that offers several arrangement options, thanks to a full range of accessories and finishing elements.

The bearing structure is made up of extruded aluminium MULTICHANNEL beams, “L” stiffening profiles to be fixed orthogonally to the beams at a distance of 1500 mm, which reinforce the structure, maintain the correct beams alignment and speed up the laying operations.

This partition ceiling system involves the use of two specific connection elements: the longitudinal connections to ensure the alignment of the beams and the orthogonal ones used both to fix beams at walls and to create the Multichannel Crossing System.
In order to guarantee the flatness with the tiles and make the arrangements perfect, the main beam is equipped with two special extruded aluminium frames which connect panels and main channels. Therefore tiles are properly crafted to be laid in these wall angles inserted on both sides of the Multichannel beam. Furthermore the maximum length for the Multichannel profile is 6 meters. To ensure the chromatic uniformity of the ceiling system, all the visible elements will be post-painted in RAL/NCS colors. 

All in one, the Multichannel metal ceiling and glass wall profile is the most versatile system to perfectly integrate suspended ceiling with glass walls and partitions.

Multifunction joist to integrate wall partition and metal panel ceiling

Extruded aluminium
RAL/NCS Coating.

Recessed setting of: 
lighting fixtures
partitions | glass walls
curtains | projection screens 
air flow nozzles | finishing cover
electrical conduits

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