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The BASE 4 - FOX LINE  aluminum ceiling system is made up of t-grid open cell panels lay in the finest visible structure FOX LINE.

Easy to install, BASE 4 - FOX LINE  t-grid open cell panels are made up of 4/10 aluminium TM and TF elements which cross each other to create the desired mesh. TM and TF elements are available in two different “U” sections both with 4 mm base and 18 or 30 mm height.   TM and TF elements are properly conceived to create open cell panels exactly flush with the FOX LINE profiles, which stand out for the 6mm closed shutter: an outline that underlines the ceiling modularity.

FOX LINE t-grid system are by far the most elegant among the modular ceilings with visible structure, as they provide for a so-called 'dovetail' coupling, which allows for both great technical-functional performance and a visually pleasant look.

Care in every detail, the main FOX LINE profiles can be custom-made to be used as wall angles, therefore main runner will be produced with chamfers for profile attachments on inner side and with smooth surface on perimeter side. In addition, to enhance the ceiling appeal, mini strip led can be applied inside the shutter. Likewise a 25x52x10 mm “C” shaped profile can be used as wall angle.

The perimeter profile is generally made in 5/10 aluminium, with the same color and finishing as the grid metal cells.   Twister, Nonius, standard hanger with spring or 90° hanger can be used to suspend this metal open cell ceiling; the type and incidence of hangers must be set according to the load per m2, project requirements and anti-seismic kits - if provided.  
  BASE 4 - FOX LINE t-grid open cell panels are available in white and silver colour, in RAL/NCS post painting and wood finishing. While FOX LINE t-grid system is available in four different color combinations between the outside skin and the shutter, that is: white/white | silver/silver | silver/black | white/black.

 The mixture of different colors between the structure and panels or the use of TM and TF elements of different shades make this open cell ceiling distinctive and original. 

T-grid open cell panels

20×20 | 30×30 | 40×40
50×50 | 60×60 | 75×75

Aluminium 4/10

Panels: 600×600 | 600×1200 mm
other modules on request
Elements: 4xh18 | 4xh30 mm
Structure: FOX LINE.

White | silver pre-painted aluminium
RAL/NCS post painting
Wood effects

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