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spring open cell metal ceiling system

BASE 4 H30 SC DUALGRID is the nicest spring open cell metal ceiling system. DUALGRID, in fact, is an alternative version of Base 4 H30 SC but differs from it in aesthetics. The closed delta blades, with a base of 4 mm, are inserted into a series of 15 mm 'C' elements, keeping the lowering of 12mm, which gives the ceiling the unmistakable DUALGRID aesthetic.

The hooking springs can be easily inserted in the universal punches placed at the ends of the 4 mm blades. The panels made in 4/10 aluminium are available in the 600x1200 mm size and are installed by simple spring engage the open cell modules to the special TSC carriers, which are equipped with proper grooves for blade centring; The “C” shaped carriers with a section of 27x33x27 mm and 2400 mm length are made in 8/10 black pre-painted steel.

The modules can swing only on 600mm side and can be supplied in 14 rectangular meshes with an open area range from 79 to 91%. Thanks to the spring system, the modules can, therefore, be removed or remain open in hooking for plenum inspection or plant maintenance activities. More over panels can be supplied pre-assembled or to be assembled at site.  To ensure a proper carriers alignment, the runners will be used also as spacers; with this function they must be fixed orthogonally to the carriers at a pitch of 2400 mm. Runners therefore have a dual function both of hooking and alignment.

BASE 4 H30 SC DUALGRID spring open cell metal ceiling system requires as wall angle a 18x33x25mm "C" shaped profile, made in 5/10 aluminium, with the same finishing as the grid metal cells. Regarding the hangers, this spring open cell ceiling can be suspended with threaded bars; the type and incidence of hangers must be set according to the load per m2, project requirements and anti-seismic kits - if provided. BASE 4 H30 SC DUALGRID is always available in standard white or silver, but on request it can be realized in RAL/NCS colours, or in wood finishing which enhance the overall ceiling design.

BASE 4 H30 SC DUALGRID spring open cell metal ceiling system is an high performance technical open cell widely used in shop centres, supermarkets, airports and all environment where frequent plenum access and high open area are required. 

Swinging open cell metal ceiling
Spring system


Aluminium 4/10

Panels: 600x1200 mm
Elements: 4xh30 mm
TCS carrier and space

White | silver pre-painted aluminium
RAL/NCS post painting
Wood effects

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