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MONOLAMA R-T24 is an innovative T24 open cell lay-in metal ceiling, characterised by the special geometry of the elements, enabling the creation of a uniform matrix of 40 mm high blades that intersect each other, forming a 40x40 mm mesh. The open cell is made in 8/10 aluminum and has a 96% of open area. 

MONOLAMA R-T24 open cell lay-in metal ceiling is made up of R-T24 single-blades with regular-shape.  Even if it is a lay-in ceiling, this open cell model has a continuous and uniform aspect given by the geometry of the blades at the laying point. With their specific shape, in fact, MONOLAMA R-T24 modules mask the 3700-h38 mm main carriers and 1200-h32 mm secondary carriers, which constitute the FOX T24 structure. Modules are easy to install e can be quickly removed for plenum access and plant maintenance operations. 

MONOLAMA R-T24 requires a 55x20 “L” shaped wall angle, also made of 8/10 aluminium, generally supplied with the same colour of the ceiling system. This open cell lay-in metal ceiling can be suspended with the hangers normally used for t-grid such as Twister, Nonius, standard hanger with spring or 90° hanger; the type and incidence of hangers will be set according to the load per m2 and the project requirements.

Moreover, in order to maintain the stability of the open cell ceiling system, the fastening needs to be inspected with regard to the loads, the features of the anchoring base, and the accuracy of the installation. Lighting, systems, and accessories must be suspended separately from the metal ceiling system and cannot weight on the ceiling.

The smart style of this T24 open cell lay-in metal ceiling is defined by the cubic cells which can be realised either with uniformly sampled blades or with differently coloured elements. RAL/NCS post-painting done on both sides and different wood-effect finishing are also available on request. In addition, the blades can be produced either with a plain or perforated surface according to two different perforation patterns.

MONOLAMA R-T24 modules are generally supplied pre-assembled ready to be install. MONOLAMA R-T24 open cell lay-in metal ceiling:
one of the nicest appeal among the open cell t-grid systems.

Continuous open cell metal ceiling


Aluminium 8/10

Panels: 600x1200mm
Elements: blades h40mm
Bearing profiles: FOX T24 3700 – 1200 mm

White | silver pre-painted aluminium
RAL/NCS post painting | Wood effects
Plain or punched surface

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