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TRIGON is a continuous triangle open cell system is made up of integrated bearing profiles that create a continuous aesthetic effect without joints between panels. This ceiling system stands out for the unique optical effect created by the triangular shape of the open cells.

TRIGON is a continuous triangle open cell system whose visual impression without any connections between panels is achieved by combining the 693x1386 rhomboidal panels with the bearing technical profiles which have the same dimension, color an material of panels. Its attractive design is distinguished by the triangular shape of the open cells, which creates a unique optical effect in which the triangle at times becomes a hexagon and at other times a rhombus or rectangle, resulting in dynamic symmetries.

This unique optical effect adds a sense of movement and
visual interest to the overall design of the building.
The triangular texture of this continuous triangle open cell system is composed of 10 mm base profiles (h41)that cross each other to create the special aesthetic pattern. This open-cell ceiling model is available in three different meshes: 120×120 | 150×150 | 200×200 mm. The corresponding % of open area for each of the meshes are: 76,6% | 81% | 85,6%.
Panels are generally supplied pre-assembled ready to be install.

The perimeter frame is proposed with a 25x42x10 mm “C” profile, usually made of the same metal grid cell material. Specifically, the integrated structure consists of 2772.3 mm TM main carriers and 1380 mm TF secondary carriers. Regarding the hangers, this metal ceiling system requires a standard double hanger Ø 4 mm with a single spring. Trigon is available both in standard white or silver 5/10 aluminium, in RAL/NCS post painting and also in four different wood finishes for a materic and warm result.

This continuous open cell in metal ceiling is not only unique due to its triangular structure, but other surface finishing details, such as laying arrangements and veil coupling, can be added to enhance its powerful architectural value, therefore the ceiling frame can be realized with special shaped metal or plasterboard modules both flush and lowered. This is a pre-assembled ceiling metal grid, and spotlight adapters are available as accessories. 

TRIGON: continuous triangle open cell system
is suitable for enhancing the overall design of each environment.

Continuous open cell metal ceiling
with flush elements

120×120 | 150×150 | 200×200

Aluminium 5/10

Pannels: ~693×1386 mm
Element  section: 10xh41 mm
Integrated profile 2771,3 | 1380 mm

White | silver pre-painted aluminium
RAL/NCS post painting
Wood effects

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