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Internal Wall Coverings of IFC include a wide range of custom-made modules, such as metal panels of all shapes and sizes, expanded and corrugated metal sheets, staves and baffles. Amazing finishing and acoustic pads make the IFC Internal Wall Coverings a great system to realize high performance acoustic partitions. 

Partition wall metal panels and wall metal baffles can be made in aluminium, steel or metal mesh , according to the project requirements. Easy to install these acoustic partitions are properly conceived to be quickly removed for maintenance operations too. All systems are equipped with finishing elements such as starter profiles, side closures and suspended ceiling connections. These finishing elements ensure a seamless and aesthetically pleasing installation. Additionally, the modular nature of these Internal Wall Coverings allows for easy customization and adaptability to different architectural designs and spaces.

Properly crafted to create warm and pleasant environments, the aesthetically wall metal panels and wall metal baffles are widely used in offices, open spaces, hotels, lounges and halls where many people work or relax.

When integrated with lighting, accessories and soundproofing materials, the Internal Wall Coverings systems are one of the best choices to realize high-performance acoustic partitions that meet all sound, safety and design requirements.
To create a more comfortable and private environment, acoustics, especially, is an important issue for wall coverings and counter walls, so it is possible, on request, to use insulating materials such as acoustic fleece, rock-wool or eco-fibre which improve the soundproofing and the noise reduction.

To obtain the most attractive effects on the metal surface, a wide range of decorative techniques are used, such as laser cutting, shaping, artistic perforations, nano-technological coatings, sublimations and the latest generation digital printing for faithful reproductions of images and natural materials such as wood, marble, corten and aged metals.

Among the customization worthy of mention is the Dot art technique, the high technology application to break down images into small dots; Care in every detail, the acoustic partitions made with IFC Internal Wall Coverings create sophisticated environments with great visual impact. 

Wall covering for interior application.

Sound absorption and noise reduction
Decorative finishing | Partitions,
Glass walls | Curtains | projection screens,
Air flow nozzles | Electrical conduits
Lighting fixtures recessed setting
Finishing cover.

Acoustic fleece | RocK whool | Ecofiber 

Aluminium | Steel | Metal mesh
thicknesses and dimensions according
to project requirements

Mirror finishing steel
Water effect | Wood effect
Corten | Aged metal
RAL/NCS coating
Digital printing and sublimation
Laser cutting | Dot-Art perforations
3D shapes | Antimicrobial treatment.

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