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ANTI-SEISMIC T-GRID is the patented structure properly conceived for seismic zone. Anti-seismic technology, in fact, can effectively ensure preventive material damage and people's physical safety.

ANTI-SEISMIC T-GRID system is made up of a main 3700mm h38 T24 profile, two cross runners of 1200mm and  600mm length, 24mm base and 32mm height. The main tee grid profiles have an high performance printed hook, while the cross tees have the patented stainless steel anti-seismic quick-coupling clip which have a 240 N of tensile strength. This hook is easy to engage, does not unhook and therefore secures the frame and helps dissipate kinetic energy in the event of an earthquake. As all IFC t-grid systems also ANTI-SEISMIC T-GRID profiles are made in galvanised steel, properly strengthened by the sturdy double stitching, performed along the entire profile up to the coupling point which give better stability and improve t-grid profiles torsion resistance. All main bearing profiles have an expansion joint, called the "fire joint", which is designed to properly absorb the structural stretching due to thermal expansions, material residual stress, and kinetic energy caused by any external pressure or seismic shocks. Products are tested and certified according to EN 13501-1 and 2 and meet passive fire protection requirements. To properly withstand against the seismic actions ANTI-SEISMIC T-GRID must be reinforced with proper anti-seismic kits to be installed on main 3700 mm profile. A specific report defines models, quantities, and necessary positions. Therefore, the anti-seismic kit needs to be sized according to the project specifications, installation location, ceiling characteristics, plenum height, and other particular factors. Good design rules for an earthquake-resistant ceiling include the observation of the entire system, the evaluation of the fixings to probe the existing ceiling and the installation of the pendants in the correct way. When using an anti-seismic kit, it is necessary to inspect the plenum, supply expansion joints based on the kind of ceiling, verify system configuration in order to size anti-seismic systems, and install independent lights. 

There are three different models of anti-seismic kits, 
properly conceived for different plenum height. 

PLENUM ≤ 500 mm: consists of a T-grid connector, a regulator and a wind bracing.
PLENUM ≤ 1,2 m: consists of a cross connector and four slotted bracing profiles to be fixed to the floor slab. To fasten the bracing to the ceiling, as an alternative to the traditional system with connecting brackets, the slotted bars can be also bent on site and fastened directly to the ceiling.
With this kit, the patented Twister hanger or the standard hangers with adjustable springs can be used to suspend the ceiling system. Twister is a great option because thanks to its special shape, it attaches to the profiles in every point, It has a breaking strength of more than 60 kg; but in seismic zones, the maximum permissible load is 45 kg. 

PLENUM >1,2 m (height kit): This kit is made up of a proper joint which couple the primary brace, perpendicular to the plane, with the t-grid profiles, and two inclined secondary braces which work with the main one to balance the stress actions. With this kit the ceiling can be suspended only with threaded bars or Nonius hanger with double safety springs.   A further element that makes up the earthquake-proof ceiling systems is the perimeter bracket that acts by friction alone, keeping the T-profiles aligned and preventing the panels from falling in the event of an earthquake. The bracket can be applied to the 'C'-shaped perimeter or to the 'L'-shaped model, where it is bent at the frame.

ANTI-SEISMIC T-GRID profiles the proper choice for seismic zone.

Patented clip | Resist. to tension 240 N 
Overlap | Maximum load 12 Kg/sqm

3700 h38 | 1200-600 h32


Antiseismic kit for low plenum < 500 mm
Antiseismic kit for standard plenum < 1,2 m
Antiseismic kit for high plenum > 1,2 m

White | Black | Silver – corrosion resist. C2
Totally white – corrosion resist. C3
RAL/NCS coatings – corrosion resist. C2 | C4
Antimicrobial treatment – corrosion resist. C2 | C4

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