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The BASE 15 aluminum ceiling system is made up of open cell panels laid in visible T15 structure. So long as the open cell section and the structure base have the same length of 15 mm, this lay-in open cell with visible structure create a linear and uniform appeal.

As all t-grid systems, installation is easy and fast, tiles are laid directly onto the structure and they can be quickly removed to check the interspace. The BASE 15 aluminum ceiling system is made up of FOX T15 visible structure and 600x600 - 600x1200 mm open cell panels.

The tiles are composed of TM and TF elements which cross each other to realise the desired mesh. TM and TF elements have an U-shaped section with 37,5 mm height and 10 mm base. Tiles are also framed with a lateral closing holed element, where TM and TF elements are grafted. Panels can be supplied pre-assembled or to be assembled at site.

Moreover the open cell modules are available in 8 square meshes with an open area range from 49 to 85%. BASE 15 open cell panels laid in visible T15 are available both in 5/10 aluminium white and silver colour, in RAL/NCS post painting and wood finishing.

For this ceiling the suitable wall angle is a  25x42x10mm "C" shaped perimeter profile made in the same material and finishing as the grid metal cells.
Twister, Nonius, standard hanger with spring or 90° hanger can be used to suspend the ceiling; the type and incidence of hangers must be set according to the load per m2, project requirements and anti-seismic kits - if provided.

This open cell panels laid in visible T15 structure, is generally selected for t-grid installation system combined with and high open area which which reduces the fire load. 

The combination of different colors between the structure and panels
or the use of TM and TF elements of different shades 
give a touch of design and originality to this standard false ceiling.

Open cell panels

50×50 | 60×60 | 75×75 | 86×86
100×100 | 120×120 | 150×150 | 200×200

Aluminium 5/10

Panels: 600×600 | 600×1200 mm
other modules on request
Elements: 15xh37,5 mm
Structure: FOX T15.

White | silver pre-painted aluminium
RAL/NCS post painting | Wood effects

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