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FOX LINE t-grid system are by far the most elegant among the modular ceilings with visible structure, as they provide for a so-called 'dovetail' coupling,
which allows for both great technical-functional
performance and a visually pleasant look. 

As well as for FOX T24 and T15, the main t-grid profiles have an high performance printed hook, while the cross tees have a special stainless steel quick-coupling clip; both are properly conceived to support several coupling and dismantling stress actions. Profiles, in fact, can be hook and released by a simple but firm finger pressure on the reed, therefore profiles will be detached without damaging and can be ready for new use.
A great option for fast applications and frequent removals during installation stage.

Moreover, in order to increase the rigidity of this ceiling grid system, a special double stitching is applied during production: a double punching along the entire profile up to the fixing point. This double stitching technique enhances the resistance to torsion, making profiles highly resistant to twisting and bending forces. Additionally, the double punching process reinforces also the fixing point, ensuring maximum stability even under heavy loads or vibrations. FOX LINE t-grid system has a bearing capacity of 14 kg/m2.

FOX LINE t-grid system is ideal to be used both with 15 LINEAR DESIGN panels, having 9mm drop and 90° edge and with BASE 4 FOX LINE open cell. This models are therefore properly conceived to be flush with the structure, whose profiles stands out for the 6 mm closed shutter: an outline that underline the ceiling modularity. FOX LINE t-grid system is available in four different color combination between the outside skin and the shutter that is: white/white | silver/silver | silver/black | white/black.
Care in every detail, the main FOX LINE profiles can be custom-made to be used as wall angles, therefore main runner will be produced with chamfers for profile attachments on inner side and with smooth surface on perimeter side. In addition, to enhance the ceiling appeal, mini strip led can be applied inside the shutter. FOX LINE t-grid system with its quick-coupling clip, is an elegant and refined valuable architectural element, frequently used to realize suspended ceiling in offices, shops, and hotels with coplanar panels in metal, mineral fibre, open cells, and expanded metal.

FOX LINE t-grid system profiles add a touch of sophistication and modernity to any space.

Patented clip | Resistance to tension 180 N
Maximum load 14 Kg/sqm

3600 | 1200 | 600 mm


White | White
White | Black
Silver | Silver
Silver | Black

Corrosion resistance C3

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