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The EASY FOX KIT is a practical tee grid kit for small room,
suitable to realize suspended ceilings with metal panels, metal mesh, gypsum board and mineral fiber.

One box all inclusive: EASY FOX tee grid kit for small room includes five  2135mm main profiles T24 h38, sixteen 1200mm Cross T24 h32 and sixteen 610 mm Cross T24 H27. Each kit is calculated to install a ceiling of 10 square meters. An high performance tee grid system easy to install and quickly to move. Profiles are available in white colors with C2 Corrosion Class. The EASY FOX ceiling system can support a maximum load of 10 kg/m2, and it can be suspended with Twister hangers or the standard double hangers with adjustable springs. In order not to compromise the stability of the metal ceiling system, lightings, accessories and systems must not weigh on the metal ceiling, but be independently suspended. The fastening have to be checked with regard to the loads, the anchoring base features and the installation accuracy; types and hangers pitch must be suitable for the project features, the loads per m2  and the seismic report when provided for.

The EASY FOX KIT is properly conceived to realize lay-in ceilings with FOX T24, the most used tee grid system. FOX T24 t-grid profiles stand out for the quick-coupling clip,  the easiness to graft, the quality of torsion resistance, and the excellent technical and functional performance. The main t-grid profiles have an high performance printed hook, while the cross tees have the special stainless steel FOX T24 quick coupling clip; both are properly conceived to support several coupling and dismantling stress actions. Profiles, in fact, can be hook and released by a simple but firm finger pressure on the reed, therefore profiles will be detached without damaging and can be ready for new use.
A great option for fast applications and frequent removals during installation stage.
The stainless steel FOX T24 special hooks are fixed directly on cross t-grid profiles ’ body, which are characterized by the overlap crossing point and the sturdy double stitching, i.e., double punching performed along the entire profile up to the coupling point to give better stability and improve t-grid profiles torsion resistance.

EASY FOX KIT is suitable to realize both standard and special lay-in metal ceiling systems, such as Plan, 24 Linear Tegular, Escape, Monolama R T24 open cell,
T24 Free Flow Baffle and the WM | T24 panels.

Easy to install, EASY FOX KIT is the most appreciated tee grid kit for small room.

Patented clip - resistance to tension 180 N
Overlap cross connection
2135 h38 | 1210 h32 | 610 h27

Double hangers with adjustable springs

White – corrosion resist. C2
Maximum load 10 Kg/sqm

5 pcs 2135mm Main T
16 pcs 1220mm Cross T
16 pcs 610mm Cross T

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